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Sardoine Mia

Self-taught in painting, I am an attentive observer of the world around me and I work to reinterpret reality according to an ideal that is my own. Having lived from my birth to my majority in a country under dictatorship, I forced myself in a chaotic universe: violence, corruption, war, misery… and in my head, the ability to dream. It is this ability to always dream further which is my motivation and which is transcribed in my work through a poetic vocabulary of complex forms.
My practice of painting is an outlet, having no academic assets, I compensate for this aspect by not setting any limits to my creativity. In my work I try to engrave feelings and thoughts to make them last. The subjects that I address are therefore mostly related to my experience, to the books I have read or to the films and songs that I have enjoyed. I reshape them to share them not as I saw or heard them, but as I felt them.
My works are therefore a projection of myself experiencing the world. These memories, these sensations that remain engraved in me are translated pictorially by a texture resembling concrete, which although sometimes cracked, marked, altered remains representative of a solid and lasting value.
Rough textures married to the evanescence of light movements in a ballet of sober colors… my whole creative approach is the constant search for accuracy between the possible and the infinite.

Nationality: Congo.

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