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The artist Michael Hartfelder is an enthusiastic representative of the new avantgarde in POP ART. 

He impresses with its minimalist and sometimes surreal depictions. The style he developed, which is not reduced to the comics or brands used by the mainstream, inspires with his new image finding on the essentials, which he brings to the canvas with mostly geometric and reduced forms. 

Strong colors that capture the viewer are important to him. His trademark is the striped background, which underlines the expressiveness of his representations. In addition, his work with the almost child-like POP ART characters LULU, MAXIM and CANY, as well as other almost naive motifs, inspire. 

The viewer is invited to linger and dream and looks deep inside. As with all of his works, the motifs impress with their bright colors and his trademark, the striped background, can be found again and again.

Nationality: German.

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