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With his view of the world, the artist FORMAN_ACT has created a new style that he briefly calls „Polit – Pop Art“. Provocative, direct and an image of current world events, always brand new. Art and politics mix in young creativity. 
What’s going wrong in this rapidly changing world? Do we still notice the mistakes of the so-called “mighty ones”? These questions reinforced his decision to develop Polit-Pop Art. He goes through the world with keen eyes, observes and tries to uncover grievances and to deal with them in a striking way. In a new way we are reminded of the great battle pictures of the old masters.
No country, no ruler, no one escapes his criticism Artistically completely free, commercial success is not in the foreground for him, but the freedom of one’s own view of the world.
He wants to wake up and toast, sees himself like a whistleblower who unadornedly depicts the „now“ His works are like a glaring mirror.
You can read the pictures and understand immediately that our world could be better than it presents itself to us today. You can feel his concern for the future, read his thoughts with him and hope that the mighty of the world will finally think of the future of our children, put their egoism aside and take themselves less seriously.

Nationality: Germany.

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