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David Drioton

 Beyond his important meeting with the painter Nadine Foster who will help him to refine his technique and especially to professionalize his pictorial approach, the discovery of Jackson Pollock’s work will be for him decisive in the face of the freedom it conveys.

 In 2010, the colors spring up and overlap today in a dizzying abundance and qualitative vitality that will allow it to win a major poster competition in 2011 AND THE univers des arts PRIZE in 2017.

 In addition, the posters torn on the walls of the Parisian metro gave him the impetus to integrate into his POP ART works, carefully shredded fragments, from the 50s to today, POP icons, super heroes, stars, comics. …. “Illustration” is next to “Vogue” and “Match” and the pictorial compositions brighten up in the whirlwinds of life, between art nouveau, bucolic spirit and contemporaneity.

The Vitality and the freedom of his works are energizing and flamboyant ur artworks and what you would like to transmit):

Nationality: France.

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