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Bolli Blas

Throughout my art career I have been creating Bollis, a name I have given to my wide-eyed characters which feature in my paintings. They look right back at the viewer, representing eyes as windows of the soul, holding a mirror to modern society. My pieces are painted on big canvases with eyes taking large amounts of space. The philosophical concepts, combined with simple, cheerful representation create a personal universe searching emotional reaction in the viewer. I want to put across my values and beliefs and at the same time force others to question their own. I try to create art, which all people can relate to by expressing emotions we all face. During my career, I aim to change the world by representing my vision of utopia, a place where ethnicity and backgrounds don’t matter, where we are all the same, equal, where there is no prejudice, hatred or war. I paint people of all colors and sexual orientations. There are no rules, just Bollis dreaming with their eyes wide open.

Nationality: British.

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